About DiolPure

We created DiolPure™ because the world needs a reliable, consistent CBD that is safe for the whole family.

We started with the purest CBD, unique, because it’s made from citrus, and not from hemp or cannabis like other CBD, so it cannot contain THC - ever. In an industry overrun with misinformation, and sometimes overwhelming messages, DiolPure offers the tested, proven and pure answer. DiolPure products are made under pharmaceutical - quality GMP conditions, in FDA compliant facilities, and tested using validated HPLC methods that verify their purity, assuring that it never contains bacteria, neurotoxins or mycotoxins. It’s always non-GMO,100% THC-free, and pure. That’s why DiolPure products are the only CBD products that are safe for the whole family. Medically tested, expertly formulated,
DiolPure delivers the promise of purity, every time.

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