DiolPure™, made using PureForm CBD™

PureForm CBD™ is produced with unmatched purity of 99.5%+. Because it is not extracted, like hemp-based CBD, it contains no residues, toxic solvents or THC. PureForm CBD™ is, quite simply, the only bioidentical, non-hemp-based CBD. It is stable, traceable, and consistent. Its purity and chemical structure make it ideal for use as an ingredient in DiolPure™.

DiolPure™ only uses PureForm CBD™, and never uses hemp or cannabis derived ingredients which constantly plague the market with regulation and safetyissues.

Q: What about the Hemp Industry Association litigation with the DEA?
A: Since DiolPure™ uses PureForm CBD™ which is not derived from hemp or cannabis, that case is not relevant.

Q: Will DiolPure™ cause me to fail a drug test?
A: No. Because there is no THC in DiolPure™.

Q: Is DiolPure™ psychoactive?
A: No.

Q: Are DiolPure™ and PureForm CBD™ created under GMP?
A: Yes, both are produced under cGMP in FDA-inspected facilities.

Q: Is PureForm CBD™ created under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)?
A: Yes, PureForm CBD™ is produced under FSMA Part 117.

Q: Is PureForm CBD™ synthetic?
A: PureForm CBD™ is bio-identical, meaning it is the exact same molecule as CBD found in nature. It is synthesized using natural starting materials.

Q: What is PureForm CBD™ made from?
A: PureForm CBD™ is made from terpenes, many of which are aromatic oils found in many plants and flowers. Terpenes are common biosynthetic building blocks.

Q: Is PureForm CBD™ “All Natural”?
A: The FDA has no definition for “all natural.” Just about all “natural” compounds still undergo processing in labs, since their extraction processes usually require the use of solvents, additives, and equipment to attain required heat, pressure, and moisture levels for the extraction.
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