The healing potential of products found in nature could change the lives of tens of millions, of notonly patients, but their children, parents and families who suffer in kind.At DiolPure we are developing atypical methodologies that create innovative solutions.We believe that everyone should be able to feel their best and have access to products that arepure, safe, and consistent. That is exactly what DiolPure provides. Practitioner-grade productsmade by doctors. Transparency, purity, and consistency matter now more than ever. DiolPure isyour guaranteed resource.

We started this journey over 5 years ago, before there were CBD bath bombs and nail polish. Westarted with research, there wasn’t much, and started reaching out to researchers here in the USand in Israel and in London. Turns out there’s a community of researchers driven by the spirit ofdiscovery and innovation who were open to collaborating. In many ways we’re looking for the samething, new solutions to old problems. Not solutions which can create negative side effects, notproducts that contain toxicities. Instead, we were searching for clean, safe solutions for both youngand old..

But after much shared frustration, we found those products simply didn’t exist. Why is there anasterisk next to "THC-Free?" Why can’t we get a straight answer? Why should we have to worryabout neurotoxins and mycotoxins? So began our journey of research and discovery. We formed anetwork of collaborators, doctors, nutritionists, herbalists and scientists. Working together we’recreating formulations with potential for supporting anxiety, sleep, inflammation, and a wide range ofother conditions.

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